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pancreatic fat pad (UBERON:0015454)
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fat pad +    
pancreas +    
abdominal fat pad +  
abdominal segment connective tissue +  
axillary fat pad 
body of pancreas +  
buccal fat pad 
capsule of pancreas 
dorsal pancreas +  
endocrine pancreas +  
epididymal fat pad 
exocrine pancreas +  
femoral fat pad 
gonadal fat pad +  
head of pancreas +  
infrapatellar fat pad 
inguinal fat pad 
intercalated duct of pancreas 
interscapular fat pad 
mammary fat pad 
mediastinal fat pad 
mesenteric fat pad +  
orbital fat pad 
pancreas mesenchyme 
pancreas secretion +  
pancreatic fat pad 
A fat pad that is part of a pancreas.
pancreatic lymph node +  
parenchyma of pancreas +  
stroma of pancreas 
tail fat pad 
tail of pancreas +  
thoracic segment connective tissue +  
uterine fat pad +  
ventral pancreas 

Xrefs: MA:0003029
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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