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nematode pharynx (UBERON:0015232)
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foregut +    
cavity of pharynx +  
esophagus +  
foregut duodenum mesentery 
foregut epithelium +  
foregut region of duodenum +  
gland of foregut +  
laryngotracheal groove 
liver primordium +  
lung epithelium +  
lung primordium +  
nematode pharynx 
The feeding organ, a neuro-muscular pump in the head of the animal, used to ingest food, bacteria suspended in liquid, filter them out, grind them up and transport posteriorly into the instestine.
pancreatic epithelial bud +  
pharyngeal region of foregut +  
ruminant forestomach +  
stomach +  
upper digestive tract +  

Related Synonyms: esophagus
Xrefs: WBbt:0003681
Definition Sources: WBbt:0003681

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