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circulatory organ (UBERON:0015228)
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compound organ +    
ampulla of Lorenzini 
ampullary organ 
cardiovascular system +  
caudal-fin organ +  
cavitated compound organ +  
circulatory organ +  
A hollow, muscular organ, which, by contracting rhythmically, contributes to the circulation of lymph, blood or analogs. Examples: a chambered vertebrate heart; the tubular peristaltic heart of ascidians; the dorsal vessel of an insect; the lymoh heart of a reptile.
circulatory system dorsal vessel +  
closed circulatory system +  
compound organ component +  
corpus cavernosum maxillaris +  
epibranchial organ 
future tongue +  
head kidney +  
immature otolith +  
insect embryonic/larval circulatory system +  
lymphatic part of lymphoid system +  
open circulatory system 
parapineal organ 
parietal organ 
posterior kidney 
respiratory airway +  
solid compound organ +  

Exact Synonyms: cardiac pump ;   heart or heart like organ
Narrow Synonyms: circulatory vessel
Broad Synonyms: heart
Related Synonyms: cardiac structure
Xrefs: SPD:0000130
Definition Sources:

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