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lumbar vertebra endochondral element (UBERON:0015009)
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Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
abdomen element +  
abdominal ganglion 
abdominal segment bone +  
abdominal segment muscle +  
anterior dorsal fin basal cartilage (elasmobranchs) 
bone of dorsum +  
caudal vertebra endochondral element +  
cervical vertebra endochondral element +  
cruciate ligament of atlas 
dorsal fin actinotrichium 
dorsal fin basal cartilage (elasmobranchs) 
dorsal fin ceratotrichial spine (elasmobranchs) 
dorsal fin radial element +  
femorothoracic muscle 
hemal arch +  
iliothoracic muscle 
inguinal lymph node +  
inguinal mammary gland 
intervertebral disk of cervical vertebra +  
intervertebral disk of lumbar vertebra 
intervertebral disk of sacral vertebra 
intervertebral disk of thoracic vertebra 
lumbar vertebra endochondral element +  
A lumbar vertebra bone or its cartilage or pre-cartilage precursor.
meninx of spinal cord +  
muscle of back +  
nuchal ligament 
pelvic region element +  
posterior dorsal fin basal cartilage (elasmobranchs) 
precaudal vertebra endochondral element +  
rotator muscle of the vertebral column 
sacral vertebra endochondral element +  
spinal cord +  
thoracic vertebra endochondral element +  
urogenital diaphragm 
vertebra +  
vertebra cartilage element +  
vertebra pre-cartilage condensation +  
vertebral centrum element +  
vertebral element 1 
vertebral element 10 
vertebral element 11 
vertebral element 12 
vertebral element 2 
vertebral element 3 +  
vertebral element 4 +  
vertebral element 5 +  
vertebral element 6 +  
vertebral element 7 
vertebral element 8 
vertebral element 9 
vertebral foramen +  

Exact Synonyms: lumbar vertebra element
Broad Synonyms: lumbar vertebra skeletal element
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