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main body axis +    
musculature +    
appendage musculature +  
axial musculature +  
Musculature of the head and neck, spine, and ribs.
body proper +  
craniocervical region musculature +  
erector spinae muscle group +  
muscle organ +  
muscle tissue +  
musculature of back +  
musculature of body wall 
musculature of hip +  
musculature of larynx +  
musculature of neck +  
musculature of pectoral complex +  
musculature of pelvic complex +  
musculature of pharynx +  
musculature of shoulder +  
musculature of trunk +  
set of muscles of vertebral column 
subdivision of organism along main body axis +  

Xrefs: EHDAA2:0000159 ;   EMAPA:18166
Definition Sources: HP:0003327

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