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inframammary fold (UBERON:0013692)
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anatomical line +    
trunk +    
anatomical line along groove 
anatomical line between inner canthi 
anatomical line between outer canthi 
anatomical line between outer ears 
anatomical line between pupils 
body external integument structure +  
costal arch 
epithelial-mesenchymal boundary +  
growth line 
hair of trunk +  
inframammary fold 
Inframammary fold, inframammary crease or inframammary line is the feature of human anatomy which is a natural boundary of a breast from below, the place where the breast and the chest meet. The choice of the term depends on the prominence of the feature.
intergluteal cleft 
intermammary cleft 
interpedicular line 
intertrochanteric crest 
intertrochanteric line 
line connecting laterally paired nipples 
line of Schwalbe 
mammary lobe 
mammary ridge +  
margin of tongue 
metapterygial axis 
midline of corpus cavernosum maxillaris 
musculature of trunk +  
nerve of trunk region +  
pterygomaxillary fissure 
scale circulus 
septum transversum +  
skin of trunk +  
spheno-petrosal fissure 
subdivision of trunk +  
sulcus ampullaris 
trunk blood vessel +  
trunk connective tissue +  
trunk mesenchyme +  
trunk region element +  
trunk region of vertebral column +  
trunk somite +  
vasculature of trunk +  

Related Synonyms: inframammary breast ;   inframammary crease
Xrefs: CALOHA:TS-2350 ;   FMA:62109
Definition Sources: CALOHA:TS-2350

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