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foramen of skull (UBERON:0013685)
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bone foramen +    
skull +    
accessory foramen 
acetabular notch 
alveolar canal 
anatomical point connecting sagittal and lambdoidal sutures 
antorbital fenestra 
antorbital notch 
aortic canal 
asterion of skull 
atlantal spinal nerve foramen 
auditory fenestra 
auditory foramen 
ceratohyal foramen 
cervical vertebral foramen 
columnar area 
coracoid foramen +  
cranial cavity 
cranial synchondrosis +  
cranium +  
ectepicondylar foramen +  
entepicondylar foramen 
excurrent foramen of ectepicondylar foramen 
facial foramen 
foramen C 
foramen nutritium exterius 
foramen of skull +  
Anatomical space that is an opening in a bone of the skull.
foramen perforans carpi 
haversian canal 
hyomandibular foramen 
hypophyseal fenestra 
ilioischiadic foramen 
incurrent foramen of ectepicondylar foramen 
infraorbital bridge 
infratemporal fossa 
inner ear foramen +  
jugal point 
lumbar vertebral foramen 
maxillary recess 
metapterygoid-quadrate fenestra 
nutrient foramen conduit +  
occipital artery foramen 
olfactory nerve foramen 
orbital foramen 
orifice of skull +  
paranasal sinus +  
pineal foramen 
primary subdivision of skull +  
pterygomaxillary fissure 
sacral foramen 
scapular foramen 
sciatic notch +  
space between upper and lower jaws 
spheno-maxillary fossa 
spheno-petrosal fissure 
spiracular canal 
superficial ophthalmic nerve foramen 
supraglenoid foramen 
suprainiac fossa 
suprameatal foramen 
suprascapula foramen 
sylvian point 
temporal fossa 
thoracic vertebral foramen 
transverse foramen +  
trigeminal foramen 
trigeminofacial foramen 
vein of trabecular bone 
vertebral foramen of atlas 

Narrow Synonyms: cranial conduit ;   cranial foramen
Related Synonyms: foramina of the skull
Xrefs: FMA:53165 ;   SCTID:276742007 ;   Wikipedia:Foramina_of_the_skull
Definition Sources:, TAO:curator

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