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anatomical line between inner canthi (UBERON:0013678)
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anatomical line +    
face +    
anatomical line along groove 
anatomical line between inner canthi 
An anatomical line of the face that connects the two inner (medial) canthi of the eye. The length of this line is known as the inter canthal distance.
anatomical line between outer canthi 
anatomical line between outer ears 
anatomical line between pupils 
chin +  
collection of hair on face +  
costal arch 
epithelial-mesenchymal boundary +  
facial lymph node +  
facial lymphatic vessel 
facial mesenchyme +  
facial skeleton +  
facial vein +  
feathered facial disc 
forebrain midbrain boundary neural keel +  
forebrain midbrain boundary neural plate +  
forebrain midbrain boundary neural rod +  
forebrain midbrain boundary neural tube 
forehead +  
growth line 
inframammary fold 
intergluteal cleft 
intermammary cleft 
interpedicular line 
intertrochanteric crest 
intertrochanteric line 
left part of face 
line connecting laterally paired nipples 
line from caundal-sacral region of the vertebral column to the last vertebra 
line from helix of outer ear to intertragus incisure 
line from the distal-most end of the longest nail to the posterior-most part of the foot 
line from the distal-most end of the longest phalax of the foot to the posterior-most part of the foot 
line from tip of nose to the caudal-sacral region of the vertebral column 
line from tip of nose to the posterior-most part of the last caudal vertebra 
line from trochlea of humerus to proximal head of humerus 
line from trochlea of humerus to ventral tubercle of humerus 
line of medial condyle of femur to greater trochanter 
line of medial condyle of femur to head of femur 
line of Schwalbe 
margin of tongue 
metapterygial axis 
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural keel +  
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural rod +  
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural tube 
midface +  
midline of corpus cavernosum maxillaris 
musculature of face +  
nose +  
orbital region +  
periorbital region +  
pterygomaxillary fissure 
right part of face 
scale circulus 
skin of face +  
spheno-petrosal fissure 
strand of hair of face +  
sulcus ampullaris 
telencephalon diencephalon boundary 
temporalis fascia 
zona limitans intrathalamica 

Exact Synonyms: inter inner canthal line ;   inter medial canthal line
Broad Synonyms: inter-canthal line ;   intercanthal line
Related Synonyms: bicanthal plane
Xrefs: FMA:284806
Definition Sources:

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