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middle part of esophagus (UBERON:0013474)
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abdominal part of esophagus 
adventitia of esophagus 
anorectum +  
cardiac stomach 
cervical part of esophagus 
colon +  
colorectum +  
digestive tract diverticulum +  
duodenal ampulla 
duodenum +  
echinoderm pyloric cecum 
ectodermal part of digestive tract +  
endodermal part of digestive tract +  
esophageal taste bud 
esophagus +  
esophagus secretion 
foregut +  
foregut region of duodenum +  
hindgut +  
ileum +  
intestine +  
jejunum +  
large intestine +  
lower digestive tract +  
lower esophagus +  
lumen of esophagus 
middle part of esophagus 
The middle one third of the esophagus in which the muscle layer is composed of muscle cells of the striated and smooth types.
midgut +  
midgut loop 
midgut region of duodenum +  
mouth +  
periampullary region of duodenum 
pharynx +  
pneumatic duct 
proximal-distal subdivision of colon +  
pyloric stomach 
rectum +  
reticulorumen +  
small intestine +  
stomach +  
submucosal esophageal gland 
terminal part of digestive tract +  
thoracic part of esophagus 
upper digestive tract +  
upper esophagus 
wall of esophagus +  
zone of stomach +  

Related Synonyms: middle third of esophagus
Xrefs: NCI:C12254 ;   SCTID:276802008 ;   UMLS:C0227189
Definition Sources: ncithesaurus:Middle_Third_of_the_Esophagus

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