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spheno-maxillary fossa (UBERON:0013454)
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bone fossa +    
skull +    
acetabular fossa 
anatomical point connecting sagittal and lambdoidal sutures 
anterior myodome 
antorbital fenestra 
antorbital notch 
articular fossa of opercle 
asterion of skull 
brevis fossa 
cranial cavity 
cranial fossa +  
cranial synchondrosis +  
cranium +  
dilatator fossa 
distal groove of humerus 
ectepicondylar depression 
entepicondyle fossa 
foramen of skull +  
fossa cubitalis ventralis 
fossa maxillaris 
foveal depression 
glenoid fossa 
incisura fossa 
infraorbital bridge 
infratemporal fossa 
intercondylar fossa 
interpterygoid vacuity 
intertrochanteric fossa 
jugal point 
maxillary recess 
metacarpal extensor pit 
orifice of skull +  
paranasal sinus +  
posterior myodome 
posttemporal fossa +  
preepiotic fossa 
preorbital fossa 
primary subdivision of skull +  
pro-otic fossa 
pterotic fossa 
pterygomaxillary fissure 
space between upper and lower jaws 
spheno-maxillary fossa 
The speno-maxillary fossa is a small triangular space situated at the angle of the junction of the spheno-maxillary and pterygo-maxillary fissures, and placed beneath the apex of the orbit. It is formed above by the under surface of the body of the sphenoid and by the orbital process of the palate bone.
spheno-petrosal fissure 
spiracular notch 
subscapular fossa 
subtemporal fossa 
suprainiac fossa 
suprascapular fossa 
sylvian point 
temporal fossa 

Xrefs: NCIT:C33584 ;   UMLS:C1519450 ;   Wikipedia:Spheno-maxillary_fossa
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Spheno-maxillary_fossa

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