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ganglion +    
abdominal ganglion of visceral hump 
cranial ganglion +  
ganglion of central nervous system +  
ganglion of peripheral nervous system +  
gastropod cerebral ganglion 
Grueneberg ganglion 
An olfactory ganglion at the entrance of the nose of mammals that is involved in the detection of alarm pheromones and cold temperatures.
parietal ganglion 
pedal ganglion 
pleural ganglion 
sensory ganglion +  
septal organ of Masera 
trunk ganglion +  

Exact Synonyms: Gr√ľneberg ganglion
Related Synonyms: GG ;   Gruneberg ganglion ;   septal organ of Gruneberg
Xrefs: EMAPA:35765 ;   MA:0002891 ;   Wikipedia:Gr%C3%BCneberg_ganglion
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Gr%C3%BCneberg_ganglion

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