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head +    
adipose eyelid 
alveolar pore 
anal canal +  
anatomical conduit space +  
angular vein +  
antenna +  
anterior intestinal portal 
artery of lower lip 
artery of upper lip 
atrial foramen intermedium 
auricular vein +  
barbel +  
beak +  
bone foramen +  
camera-type eye +  
carpal tunnel 
central canal of spinal cord +  
cephalic clasper 
cephalic dermal scale 
cephalic spine 
cerebellar artery +  
collection of hairs on vertex 
cranial appendage +  
cranial blood vasculature +  
cranial deep lymph node 
cranial ganglion +  
cranial lymph vasculature +  
cranial midline area 
cranial muscle +  
cranial nerve +  
cranial neuron projection bundle +  
cranial placode +  
cranial salt gland +  
diencephalic part of interventricular foramen 
dorsal bursa +  
ear +  
elephant trunk 
embryonic facial prominence +  
embryonic head +  
ethmoidal artery +  
external acoustic meatus +  
external ear +  
feathered ear tuft 
femoral canal 
foramen perforans tarsi 
foramen primum 
foramen secundum 
frontonasal prominence +  
future piston +  
future pituitary gland +  
hair canal 
hair of head +  
head blood vessel +  
head bone +  
head capsule 
head connective tissue +  
head electric organ 
head external integument structure +  
head mesenchyme +  
head sensillum +  
hyaloid canal 
inflow tract +  
inguinal canal +  
insect gnathal segment +  
insect head segment +  
insect larval head +  
internal acoustic meatus 
internal carotid artery +  
interorbital septum 
interventricular foramen intermedium 
interventricular foramen of CNS +  
interventricular foramen of heart 
interventricular groove +  
intracranial diverticulum of swimbladder 
intraparotid lymph node +  
joint of auditory ossicle +  
junk chamber 
lacrimal canaliculus +  
lacrimal drainage system +  
lateral vaginal canal 
left ear 
left outer canthus 
lymph node medullary sinus 
lymph node of head +  
maxillary sinus 
median external naris 
median vaginal canal 
melon organ +  
monkey lips dorsal bursa complex +  
mormyromast organ 
mouth +  
mucosa of sphenoidal sinus 
naris +  
nasal air sac 
An air sac opening into the passage of the blowhole that is hypothesized to be involved in echolocation.
nerve foramen +  
nerve of head region +  
neural tube derived brain 
notochordal canal 
nuchal hump 
obturator foramen 
occipital lymph node +  
occipitofrontalis muscle +  
orifice +  
outflow tract +  
paired venous dural sinus +  
palpebral artery +  
palpebral vein +  
panarthropod head +  
parotid lymph node +  
piston cartilage 
posterior surface of head +  
priapium +  
procephalic segment +  
pterygoid plexus 
Rathke's pouch +  
rectal diverticulum 
respiratory airway +  
rete ovarii 
rete testis 
right ear 
right outer canthus 
roof of mouth +  
rostral organ 
ruminant esophageal groove 
scalp +  
sigmoid sinus +  
skeletal musculature of head +  
skin of head +  
skull +  
spermaceti organ 
spine appendage of head +  
subdivision of head +  
subdivision of spinal cord central canal +  
telencephalic part of interventricular foramen 
temporal artery +  
temporal vein +  
temporalis muscle +  
transverse foramen +  
transverse sinus +  
tube +  
upper respiratory conduit +  
vasculature of head +  
venom gland musculature +  
vertebral canal +  
vertebral foramen +  
vessel +  

Exact Synonyms: blowhole air sac
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