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cloaca +    
orifice +    
allantois +  
cervical os +  
cloacal bursa +  
cloacal epithelium +  
cloacal fold 
cloacal gland +  
cloacal lumen +  
cloacal mucosa 
cloacal muscle +  
cloacal papilla 
cloacal vent 
The opening of the cloacal chamber to the outside of the organism. Birds maintain a single cloacal opening throughout their lives.
cloacal villus 
embryonic cloaca +  
esophageal hiatus 
femoral pore 
fourth ventricle aperture +  
gastropod genital pore 
gustatory pore 
lacrimal punctum 
muscle layer of cloaca 
naris +  
neuropore +  
oral opening +  
orifice of skull +  
palpebral fissure 
proctodeum portion of cloaca 
serosa of cloaca 
submucosa of cloaca 
umbilical ring 
urethral opening +  
urodeum +  
vagina orifice 

Exact Synonyms: cloacal opening
Related Synonyms: cloacal orifice ;   vent
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