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circular muscle layer of muscular coat (UBERON:0012368)
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circular muscle layer of muscular coat +  
The inner layer of the muscular coat.
esophagogastric junction muscularis propria 
longitudinal muscle layer of muscular coat +  
muscle layer of epididymis 
muscle layer of infundibulum of uterine tube 
muscle layer of oviduct 
muscle layer of spongiose part of urethra 
muscle layer of urinary bladder +  
muscular coat of digestive tract +  
muscular coat of seminal vesicle 
muscular coat of ureter +  
muscular coat of vas deferens 
muscular layer of prostatic urethra 
muscular layer of vagina 
myometrium +  
stomach muscularis externa +  
stomach smooth muscle inner oblique layer 
taenia coli 

Related Synonyms: circular muscle layer ;   circular smooth muscle ;   inner muscularis ;   inner muscularis layer
Xrefs: BTO:0005213 ;   FMA:62899
Definition Sources: BTO:0005213

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