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cervical artery +    
ascending cervical artery 
deep artery of clitoris 
deep artery of penis 
deep auricular artery 
deep cervical artery 
The deep cervical artery (Profunda cervicalis) is an artery of the neck.
deep circumflex iliac artery 
deep femoral artery +  
deep lymph node +  
deep lymphatic vessel 
deep temporal artery 
deep vein +  
superficial cervical artery 
transverse cervical artery 

Related Synonyms: profunda cervicalis
Xrefs: FMA:10659 ;   SCTID:244223002 ;   Wikipedia:Deep_cervical_artery
External Ontologys: present_in_taxon NCBITaxon:9606
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Deep_cervical_artery

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