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mucosa of urethra (UBERON:0012299)
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mucosa +    
urethra +    
cloacal mucosa 
epithelium of mucosa +  
epithelium of urethra +  
esophagogastric junction mucosa 
esophagus mucosa +  
external urethral sphincter +  
female urethra +  
gastrointestinal system mucosa +  
internal urethral orifice 
internal urethral sphincter 
lamina propria +  
lamina propria of urethra +  
lumen of urethra 
male urethra +  
membranous urethra of male or female +  
mouth mucosa +  
mucosa of biliary tree +  
mucosa of ethmoidal sinus 
mucosa of frontal sinus 
mucosa of gallbladder +  
mucosa of lacrimal canaliculus 
mucosa of maxillary sinus 
mucosa of middle ear +  
mucosa of nasal septum 
mucosa of nasolacrimal duct +  
mucosa of paranasal sinus +  
mucosa of renal pelvis +  
mucosa of sphenoidal sinus 
mucosa of ureter +  
mucosa of urethra +  
A mucosa that is part of a urethra.
mucosa of urinary bladder +  
reproductive system mucosa +  
respiratory system mucosa +  
rugal fold +  
urethra mesenchymal layer 
urethra muscle tissue +  
urethra skeletal muscle tissue 
urethra smooth muscle layer 
urethra urothelium +  
urethral gland +  
urethral meatus +  
urethral sphincter +  
viscerocranial mucosa 
wall of urethra +  

Exact Synonyms: mucous membrane of urethra ;   tunica mucosa urethrae ;   urethral mucosa
Xrefs: EMAPA:37912 ;   FMA:76904 ;   SCTID:362229009
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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