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embryo +    
allantois of embryonic urinary system 
anal fold 
anterior chamber swim bladder 
anterior uvea +  
Aristotle's lantern +  
aryepiglottic fold 
atrium auricular region +  
auditory hillocks +  
basiotic bone 
Bidder's organ 
blastula +  
buccopharyngeal membrane +  
bulbus arteriosus inner layer 
bulbus arteriosus middle layer 
cardinal vein +  
cartilaginous neural arch +  
caudal appendage 
caudal rod 
chorioretinal region +  
ciliary body +  
ciliary processes 
cleaving embryo +  
coelom +  
common tendinous ring 
compound organ component +  
dermal superficial region 
dorsal fin fold +  
dorsal part of optic cup 
early embryo +  
early premaxilla +  
embryonic capillary plexus 
embryonic cement gland 
embryonic cloaca +  
embryonic cloacal fold +  
One of the pair of mesenchymal swellings (folds) located on either side of the cloacal membrane during the indifferent stage of embryonic development; cranial to the cloacal membrane the folds unite to form the genital tubercle; caudally the folds are subdivided into urogenital folds anteriorly and anal folds posteriorly.
embryonic head +  
embryonic intraretinal space 
embryonic lymph heart 
embryonic structure +  
embryonic tagma +  
entire embryonic mesenchyme +  
entire extraembryonic component +  
epicardium +  
external anal region +  
fin fold pectoral fin bud +  
flexural organ 
floor plate of neural tube +  
fluid-based anatomical entity 
foramen ovale of heart +  
gastrula +  
genital swelling +  
gill lamella +  
imaginal disc +  
immature gonad 
indifferent external genitalia +  
insect cardiogenic mesoderm +  
insect embryonic segment +  
insect embryonic/larval lymph gland 
internal anal region +  
interventricular foramen of heart 
intestinal bulb +  
iris +  
laryngotracheal groove 
late embryo +  
lens pit 
maxillary canal 
monkey lips dorsal bursa complex +  
morula +  
Mullerian duct +  
neurula embryo 
notochord +  
odontode +  
olfactory pit +  
optic cup +  
oronasal cavity +  
oronasal membrane 
pair of dorsal aortae 
pectoral fin fold 
pericardium +  
perineum +  
peritoneal vaginal process +  
pharyngeal arch +  
pharyngeal arch system +  
phonic lip 
posterior chamber swim bladder 
presumptive atrium primitive heart tube 
presumptive cardiac ventricle primitive heart tube 
primary choana 
primary head vein +  
primitive heart tube +  
primitive marginal sinus 
proamniotic cavity +  
prootic bulla 
pupillary membrane 
regional part of nervous system +  
roof of mouth +  
rostral tubule 
scapula cartilage element +  
sensory canal +  
serous membrane +  
sphenoid bone pre-cartilage condensation +  
spiral prominence of cochlear duct 
subcardinal vein +  
supracardinal vein +  
urachus +  
ventral fin fold +  
ventral liver lobe 
ventral part of optic cup +  

Broad Synonyms: cloacal fold
Xrefs: EHDAA2:0004009
Definition Sources: MP:0011836, MP:anna

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