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vinculum of tendon (UBERON:0012120)
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tendon +    
calcaneal tendon +  
central tendon of diaphragm 
future central tendon +  
infraspinatus tendon 
long head of biceps brachii 
pes anserinus of tibia 
short head of biceps brachii 
tendon collagen fibril 
tendon of biceps brachii 
tendon of obturator internus 
tendon of palmaris longus 
tendon of quadriceps femoris 
tendon of triceps brachii 
vinculum of tendon 
A tendinous band that connects the phalanges and the flexor muscles of the autopods.
vinculum tendon of wing 

Exact Synonyms: tendon vinculum
Xrefs: FMA:42604 ;   SCTID:360764006 ;   Wikipedia:Vincula_tendina
Definition Sources:, Wikipedia:Vincula_tendina

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