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ectoderm +    
neural crest +    
odontoid tissue +    
1st arch mandibular mesenchyme from neural crest +  
1st arch maxillary mesenchyme from neural crest +  
1st arch mesenchyme from neural crest +  
2nd arch ectoderm 
2nd arch mesenchyme from neural crest +  
3rd arch ectoderm 
3rd arch mesenchyme from neural crest 
4th arch ectoderm 
4th arch mesenchyme from neural crest 
6th arch mesenchyme from neural crest 
adrenal medulla +  
anal membrane ectodermal component 
animal cap +  
anterior ectodermal midgut 
apical ectodermal ridge +  
bone of lower jaw +  
branchial basket 
cardiac neural crest +  
cementum +  
chorionic ectoderm 
chromaffin system +  
corneal endothelium 
corneal primordium +  
cosmine +  
cranial neural crest +  
dental follicle +  
dermis connective tissue +  
diencephalon neural crest 
ear vesicle +  
ecto-epithelium +  
ectoderm of buccopharyngeal membrane +  
ectoderm of footplate +  
ectoderm-derived structure +  
ectodermal part of digestive tract +  
ectodermal placode +  
endocardial cushion +  
epithelium of pancreatic duct 
external ectoderm +  
extraembryonic ectoderm 
facial skeleton +  
future central nervous system +  
future pituitary gland +  
hatching gland 
hyoid arch neural crest 
insect anterior ectoderm +  
insect neurogenic region 
insect trunk ectoderm +  
lateral nasal process surface ectoderm 
lens anterior epithelium +  
mammary ridge +  
mandibular process mesenchyme from neural crest +  
maxillary process mesenchyme from neural crest +  
Meckel's cartilage pre-cartilage condensation +  
medial-nasal process ectoderm 
mesencephalic neural crest +  
mesenchyme derived from neural crest +  
mixed ectoderm/mesoderm/endoderm-derived structure 
neural crest-derived structure +  
neurectoderm +  
non-neural ectoderm +  
notochordal process +  
odontode tissue 
optic eminence ectoderm +  
oral epithelium from ectoderm +  
palatine bone +  
paraganglion (generic) +  
parasympathetic ganglion +  
periodontal ligament 
pharyngeal arch mesenchyme from neural crest +  
placodal ectoderm 
pre-dentine +  
Odontogenic tissue that is collagen-rich and characteristic of vertebrate teeth and tooth-like structures (e.g., odontodes) deposited by preodontoblasts and odontoblasts that are typically excluded from the matrix.
pre-enamel +  
pre-enameloid +  
primary nerve cord +  
proctodeum +  
region of neural crest 
rhombencephalon neural crest +  
sacral neural crest 
scleral cartilage +  
sensory root of trigeminal nerve 
skeletal element of eye region +  
spinal cord neural crest 
stomodeal ectoderm 
stomodeum +  
stroma of thyroid gland 
suprachoroid lamina 
telencephalon neural crest 
tooth enamel organ +  
trunk neural crest +  
vagal neural crest +  

Exact Synonyms: pre-dentine tissue ;   predentin ;   predentine tissue
Xrefs: EMAPA:36439 ;   VSAO:0000071 ;   XAO:0004052
Definition Sources: GO_REF:0000034,, PSPUB:0000170, VSAO:0000071

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