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adult organism +    
adipose eyelid 
ala of nose 
barbel primordium +  
beak +  
caudal fin lower lobe 
caudal fin upper lobe 
caudal peduncle 
chitin-based cuticle +  
columella nasi 
dorsal organ 
endostyle +  
external gill 
external integument structure +  
external naris +  
fish scute +  
gland of integumental system +  
gravid organism +  
gular region +  
Hatschek's pit 
insect adult integumentary system +  
insect adult muscle system +  
insect adult nervous system +  
insect adult segment +  
insect adult tagma +  
insect embryonic/larval integumentary system +  
insect region of integument +  
integument +  
integumental taste bud +  
integumentary adnexa +  
integumentary system layer +  
lip +  
lower beak +  
median fin fold +  
muscularis orbicularis 
nuchal hump 
nuptial tubercle 
opercular flap +  
outer epithelium +  
paired limb/fin bud +  
papilla +  
remnant of embryonic structure +  
rhinarium +  
scale +  
shell +  
skin muscle +  
spiracle (sensu Vertebrata) 
tunicate tunic 
Outer covering of an animal typically consisting primarily of cellulose (tunicin) in addition to varying amounts of water, protein and carbohydrates. The tunicate is a characteristic feature of Tunicata.
unicellular gland 
upper beak +  
urogenital papilla 
Westoll line 

Xrefs: BSA:0000042 ;   Wikipedia:Ascidiacea#Anatomy
Definition Sources: ISBN:0030229073, Wikipedia:Ascidiacea#Anatomy

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