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adipose eyelid 
adipose fin +  
adult organism +  
ala of nose 
anal fin +  
anatomical group +  
anatomical system +  
anlage +  
appendage girdle complex +  
barbel primordium +  
beak +  
body of tubeworm +  
brain +  
caudal fin +  
caudal fin lower lobe 
caudal fin upper lobe 
caudal peduncle 
chitin-based cuticle +  
columella nasi 
cutaneous appendage +  
dorsal fin +  
dorsal organ 
embryo +  
epigonal organ 
exocrine gland of integumental system +  
external gill 
external integument structure +  
external naris +  
female organism +  
fish scute +  
gland of integumental system +  
gravid organism +  
gular region +  
Hatschek's left diverticulum +  
Hatschek's right diverticulum 
hermaphroditic organism +  
insect adult abdomen +  
insect adult head +  
insect adult integumentary system +  
insect adult muscle system +  
insect adult nervous system +  
insect adult segment +  
insect adult tagma +  
insect adult thorax +  
insect embryonic/larval integumentary system +  
insect pharate adult 
insect region of integument +  
integument +  
integumental system +  
integumental taste bud +  
integumentary adnexa +  
integumentary projection +  
integumentary system layer +  
kidney +  
larva +  
left anterior cardinal vein 
left apical axillary lymph node 
left central axillary lymph node 
left common iliac artery 
left external ear 
left extraembryonic umbilical vein 
left eye +  
left gastric lymph node +  
left kidney +  
left lymph heart 
left occipital lymph node 
left ovary 
left parietal lumbar lymph node +  
left pectoral axillary lymph node 
left pelvic girdle region +  
left posterior cardinal vein 
left recurrent laryngeal nerve 
left retropharyngeal lymph node 
left side of back 
left subcardinal vein 
left subclavian artery 
left subcostal vein 
left subscapular axillary lymph node 
left suprarenal vein 
left testicular vein 
left umbilical vein +  
left ureter +  
left uterine tube +  
left vitelline vein 
lip +  
lower beak +  
major vestibular gland +  
male organism +  
mammary gland +  
median fin +  
median fin fold +  
morphological feature +  
muscularis orbicularis 
nuchal hump 
nuptial tubercle 
opercular flap +  
organism subdivision +  
organism substance +  
outer epithelium +  
ovarian vein 
paired limb/fin bud +  
panarthropod tagma +  
papilla +  
pectoral girdle region +  
post-embryonic organism +  
prepupa +  
primordium +  
pupa +  
regenerating anatomical structure +  
remnant of embryonic structure +  
right anterior cardinal vein 
right apical axillary lymph node 
right central axillary lymph node 
right common iliac artery 
right external ear 
right extraembryonic umbilical vein 
right eye +  
right kidney +  
right lymph heart 
right occipital lymph node 
right ovary 
right pectoral axillary lymph node 
right pelvic girdle region +  
right posterior cardinal vein 
right recurrent laryngeal nerve 
right retropharyngeal lymph node 
right side of back 
right subcardinal vein 
right subclavian artery 
right subcostal vein 
right subscapular axillary lymph node 
right suprarenal vein 
right testicular vein 
right umbilical vein 
right ureter +  
right uterine tube +  
right vitelline vein 
scale +  
sexually immature organism 
shell +  
skin muscle +  
spiracle (sensu Vertebrata) 
surface groove +  
surface structure +  
testicular vein +  
tissue +  
tunicate tunic 
Outer covering of an animal typically consisting primarily of cellulose (tunicin) in addition to varying amounts of water, protein and carbohydrates. The tunicate is a characteristic feature of Tunicata.
unicellular gland 
upper beak +  
ureter +  
urogenital papilla 
Westoll line 

Xrefs: BSA:0000042 ;   Wikipedia:Ascidiacea#Anatomy
Definition Sources: ISBN:0030229073, Wikipedia:Ascidiacea#Anatomy

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