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femoral gland +    
orifice +    
cervical os +  
cloacal vent 
esophageal hiatus 
femoral pore 
Femoral pores are a part of a holocrine secretory gland found on the inside of the thighs of certain lizards and amphisbaenians which releases pheromones to attract mates or mark territory. In certain species only the male has these pores and in other species, both sexes have them, with the males being larger.[1] Femoral pores appear as a series of pits or holes within a row of scales on the ventral portion of the animal's thigh.
fourth ventricle aperture +  
gastropod genital pore 
gustatory pore 
lacrimal punctum 
naris +  
neuropore +  
oral opening +  
orifice of skull +  
palpebral fissure 
piriform aperture 
umbilical ring 
urethral opening +  
vagina orifice 

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Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Femoral_pore

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