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synovial joint of pelvic girdle (UBERON:0011107)
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Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
joint of girdle +    
synovial joint +    
articular cartilage of joint 
atlanto-occipital joint +  
buttock +  
condylar joint 
costovertebral joint +  
exoccipital-atlas joint 
inter-clavicle joint 
inter-coracoid joint 
intraramal joint 
joint articular surface 
joint connecting upper and lower jaws +  
joint of auditory ossicle +  
laryngeal joint +  
left pelvic girdle region +  
musculature of pelvic girdle +  
pelvic girdle skeleton +  
prepubic element 
pubic symphysis 
right pelvic girdle region +  
sternocostal joint 
synovial joint of pectoral girdle +  
synovial joint of pelvic girdle +  
A synovial joint that is part of a pelvic girdle region.
synovial limb joint +  
synovial membrane of synovial joint 
vertebral arch joint +  

Exact Synonyms: joint of pelvic girdle ;   pelvic girdle joint
Xrefs: FMA:35173 ;   NCIT:C32890 ;   UMLS:C0827002
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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