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anterior dorsal fin basal cartilage (elasmobranchs) 
anular ligament of radius 
arcuate ligament +  
bone of dorsum +  
broad ligament of uterus +  
cartilago sesamoides 
caudal vertebra endochondral element +  
cervical vertebra endochondral element +  
cruciate ligament of atlas 
A cruciate ligament in the neck forming part of the atlanto-axial joint. It consists of the transverse ligament of the atlas, along with additional fibers above and below.
dorsal fin actinotrichium 
dorsal fin basal cartilage (elasmobranchs) 
dorsal fin ceratotrichial spine (elasmobranchs) 
dorsal fin radial element +  
femorothoracic muscle 
hemal arch +  
iliothoracic muscle 
inguinal ligament +  
intervertebral disk of cervical vertebra +  
intervertebral disk of lumbar vertebra 
intervertebral disk of sacral vertebra 
intervertebral disk of thoracic vertebra 
ligament of middle ear +  
ligamentum flavum 
lumbar vertebra endochondral element +  
mandibulo-lacrimal ligament 
medial palpebral ligament 
meninx of spinal cord +  
muscle of back +  
nonskeletal ligament +  
nuchal ligament 
palato-maxillary ligament 
palato-vomerine ligament 
pelvic ligament 
posterior dorsal fin basal cartilage (elasmobranchs) 
rotator muscle of the vertebral column 
sacral vertebra endochondral element +  
skeletal ligament +  
spinal cord +  
thoracic vertebra endochondral element +  
triangular ligament of liver 
urogenital diaphragm 
uterine ligament 

Exact Synonyms: cruciate ligament of dens ;   cruciform ligament of atlas ;   cruciform ligament of dens ;   ligamentum cruciforme atlantis
Related Synonyms: triradiate ligament
Xrefs: EMAPA:19010 ;   FMA:25018 ;   SCTID:182362005 ;   Wikipedia:Cruciate_ligament_of_the_dens
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Cruciate_ligament_of_the_dens

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