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appendage girdle region +  
bone of appendage girdle complex +  
paired limb/fin +  
pectoral complex +  
pelvic complex +  
Appendage girdle complex that when present, encompasses the pelvic appendicular skeleton and the pelvic girdle.

Exact Synonyms: pelvic appendage/girdle complex ;   pelvic girdle plus pelvic limb or fin ;   pelvic girdle plus posterior limb or fin
Related Synonyms: lower limb ;   lower limb and pelvic girdle ;   lower limb and pelvis
Xrefs: EMAPA:37863 ;   FMA:7184 ;   SCTID:416631005 ;   VSAO:0000215
Cyclic Relationships: mutually_spatially_disjoint_with mutually_spatially_disjoint_with UBERON:0010708
Definition Sources: VSAO:0000215

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