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clasper +    
pelvic fin +    
apical ectodermal ridge pelvic fin 
cephalic clasper 
mesenchyme pelvic fin 
pelvic cartilage 
pelvic fin clasper +  
The rod-like extension of the medial portion of the pelvic fin in male Elasmobranchii and Holocephali. Claspers are used as intromittent organs (not in clasping), the grooves on their facing surfaces together forming a tube for the transmission of sperm when the claspers are held together. The anterior proximal opening is called the apopyle, the posterior distal opening the rhipidion.
pelvic fin skeleton +  
pelvic radial cartilage +  
pelvic sucking disc 
prepelvic clasper 

Exact Synonyms: myxopterygium
Related Synonyms: clasper
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