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ureterovesical junction (UBERON:0009973)
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renal system +    
valve +    
allantois of embryonic urinary system 
atrioventricular region +  
bronchoalveolar duct junction 
canthus +  
cardial valve +  
corneo-scleral junction 
digestive tract junction +  
embryonic cloaca +  
excretory gland +  
excretory tube +  
forebrain midbrain boundary neural keel +  
forebrain midbrain boundary neural plate +  
forebrain midbrain boundary neural rod +  
forebrain midbrain boundary neural tube 
forebrain-midbrain boundary 
gingival epithelial attachment 
gluteal sulcus 
Hatschek's nephridium 
hindbrain-spinal cord boundary 
ileocecal valve 
kidney corticomedullary boundary 
lower urinary tract +  
lymphatic valve +  
Marshall's gland 
mesentery of urinary system 
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural keel +  
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural rod +  
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural tube 
midbrain-hindbrain boundary +  
mouth-foregut junction +  
nephric ridge +  
nerve plexus +  
ora serrata of retina 
rectal valve 
rhombomere boundary 
right atrium valve +  
sinotubular junction 
somite border +  
spiral valve of conus arteriosus 
spiral valve of cystic duct 
spiral valve of intestine 
telencephalon diencephalon boundary 
thymus corticomedullary boundary 
upper urinary tract +  
ureteral valve 
ureteropelvic junction 
ureterovesical junction +  
The valve-like structure found at the site of entry of the ureter into the urinary bladder, normally displays an oblique angulation through the detrusor to avoid reflux of urine up the ureters and the kidney.
urogenital membrane 
urorectal septum +  
urothelium +  
utricle valve 
venous valve +  
zona limitans intrathalamica 

Exact Synonyms: vesico-ureteral junction ;   vesico-ureteric junction ;   vesicoureteric junction
Xrefs: EMAPA:37783 ;   FMA:15899 ;   MA:0003020 ;   NCIT:C106202 ;   SCTID:261187001
Definition Sources: MP:0011488

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