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ureteropelvic junction (UBERON:0009972)
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Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
renal system +    
allantois of embryonic urinary system 
atrioventricular region +  
bronchoalveolar duct junction 
canthus +  
corneo-scleral junction 
digestive tract junction +  
embryonic cloaca +  
excretory gland +  
excretory tube +  
forebrain midbrain boundary neural keel +  
forebrain midbrain boundary neural plate +  
forebrain midbrain boundary neural rod +  
forebrain midbrain boundary neural tube 
forebrain-midbrain boundary 
gingival epithelial attachment 
gluteal sulcus 
Hatschek's nephridium 
hindbrain-spinal cord boundary 
kidney corticomedullary boundary 
lower urinary tract +  
Marshall's gland 
mesentery of urinary system 
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural keel +  
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural rod +  
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural tube 
midbrain-hindbrain boundary +  
mouth-foregut junction +  
nephric ridge +  
nerve plexus +  
ora serrata of retina 
rhombomere boundary 
sinotubular junction 
somite border +  
telencephalon diencephalon boundary 
thymus corticomedullary boundary 
upper urinary tract +  
ureteropelvic junction 
The junction between the ureter and the renal pelvis of the kidney.
ureterovesical junction +  
urogenital membrane 
urorectal septum +  
urothelium +  
zona limitans intrathalamica 

Exact Synonyms: pelviureteric junction ;   pelvoureteric junction
Xrefs: EMAPA:37782 ;   FMA:15898 ;   MA:0003021 ;   NCIT:C106203 ;   SCTID:264130006
Definition Sources: MP:0011487

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