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choanal groove 
ciliated pit +  
endostyle +  
Hatschek's pit 
A deep ciliated fossa on the dorsal midline of the buccal cavity (the region of the gut behind the mouth). Among other things, it secrets mucus which entraps food particles from the water[WP].
intertragic incisure 
interventricular groove +  
laryngotracheal groove 
metotic fissure 
nasolabial groove 
nuchal groove 
optic fissure 
optic pit 
pharyngeal cleft +  
ruminant esophageal groove 
skin crease +  
sulcus intermedius 
sulcus limitans of neural tube +  
sulcus ypsiloniformis 
ventral sulcus 
ventral throat pleat 

Xrefs: Wikipedia:Hatschek's_pit
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Hatschek's_pit

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