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tail bud paraxial mesoderm (UBERON:0009620)
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1st arch mandibular ectoderm 
1st arch mandibular endoderm +  
1st arch maxillary ectoderm +  
1st arch maxillary endoderm 
1st arch maxillary mesenchyme from head mesenchyme +  
2nd arch mesenchyme from head mesenchyme +  
2nd arch mesenchyme from neural crest +  
3rd arch mesenchyme from head mesenchyme 
3rd arch mesenchyme from neural crest 
4th arch mesenchyme from head mesenchyme 
4th arch mesenchyme from neural crest 
6th arch mesenchyme from head mesenchyme 
6th arch mesenchyme from neural crest 
amniotic mesoderm 
anterior axial hypoblast +  
anterior lateral mesoderm 
anterior neural keel +  
anterior neural rod +  
anterior presumptive neural plate 
associated mesenchyme of midgut 
axial hypoblast +  
bulbus arteriosus outer layer 
carapacial ridge ectoderm 
carapacial ridge mesenchyme 
cardiac neural crest +  
cerebellar plate +  
chordo neural hinge 
chorionic mesenchyme 
connecting stalk mesoderm +  
developing mesenchymal condensation +  
dorsal axial hypoblast 
dorsal lateral plate region 
dorsal part of pharyngeal pouch 1 
dorsal part of pharyngeal pouch 2 +  
dorsal part of pharyngeal pouch 3 +  
dorsal part of pharyngeal pouch 4 
dorsal part of pharyngeal pouch 5 
ear vesicle +  
egg cylinder 
embryonic lymph sac +  
embryonic post-anal tail +  
entire pharyngeal arch associated mesenchyme +  
epithelium of footplate +  
epithelium of handplate +  
epithelium of otic placode +  
external yolk syncytial layer 
extraembryonic mesoderm +  
falciform fat 
floor plate +  
forebrain neural keel +  
forebrain neural rod +  
forebrain neural tube 
frontonasal process epithelium +  
future central tendon +  
future falx cerebri +  
future hindbrain meninx +  
head fold of embryonic disc 
head paraxial mesoderm +  
hepatic diverticulum +  
hindbrain neural keel +  
hindbrain neural rod +  
hindbrain neural tube 
infundibular recess of 3rd ventricle +  
insect abdominal histoblast anlage +  
insect adult clypeo-labral anlage +  
insect cephalic furrow 
insect clypeo-labral anlage +  
insect mesoderm anlage +  
insect trunk mesoderm anlage +  
insect ventral furrow 
insect visual anlage +  
intermediate mesenchyme 
internal yolk syncytial layer 
Kupffer's vesicle 
lamina terminalis of neural tube +  
laryngeal associated mesenchyme +  
lateral floor plate 
lateral lingual swelling epithelium 
lateral plate mesoderm +  
lateral wall neural rod 
liver primordium +  
maxillary process ectoderm +  
maxillary process mesenchyme +  
medial floor plate 
median lingual swelling epithelium 
mesenchyme from somatopleure +  
mesenchyme from splanchnopleure +  
mesenchyme of middle ear +  
mesenchyme of sublingual gland primordium 
mesenchyme of trachea +  
midbrain neural keel +  
midbrain neural rod 
nasolacrimal groove +  
neural tube basal plate +  
noninvoluting endocytic marginal cell cluster 
organizer inducing center 
otic vesicle protrusion +  
pancreatic epithelial bud +  
paraxial mesoderm +  
pericardio-peritoneal canal mesothelium +  
pharyngeal arch mesenchymal region +  
pharyngeal pouch +  
pleuroperitoneal canal +  
pleuroperitoneal membrane 
posterior neural keel +  
posterior neural rod +  
posterior presumptive neural plate 
presomitic mesoderm +  
presumptive axochord +  
presumptive segmental plate +  
primitive olfactory epithelium +  
prostate field +  
right atrium endocardium +  
roof plate +  
roof plate of diencephalon 
roof plate of medulla oblongata 
roof plate of metencephalon 
roof plate of midbrain 
roof plate of telencephalon 
roof plate spinal cord region 
sacral neural crest 
secondary heart field +  
sex cord +  
spinal cord neural keel 
spinal cord neural rod 
spinal cord neural tube 
spleen primordium +  
stomodeal ectoderm 
submandibular gland primordium epithelium 
tail bud paraxial mesoderm 
tail fold of embryonic disc 
trunk neural crest +  
trunk paraxial mesoderm +  
urachus mesenchyme 
vagal neural crest +  
ventral ectodermal ridge 
ventral part of pharyngeal pouch 1 
ventral part of pharyngeal pouch 2 
ventral part of pharyngeal pouch 3 
ventral part of pharyngeal pouch 4 
ventral part of pharyngeal pouch 5 

Xrefs: EHDAA2:0003239

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