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gubernaculum testis (UBERON:0008843)
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appendix testis 
cremaster muscle 
dartos muscle of scrotum 
duct of male reproductive system +  
efferent duct +  
ejaculatory duct +  
external male genitalia +  
female deep inguinal ring 
gubernaculum (female) +  
gubernaculum testis +  
The fetal ligament attached to the inferior end of the epididymis and testis and, at its other end, to the bottom of the scrotum; it is present during, and is thought to guide, the descent of the testis into the scrotum and then atrophies.
haemolymphatic fluid-testis barrier +  
internal male genitalia +  
intromittent organ +  
male accessory sex gland +  
male bulbospongiosus muscle 
male external urethral sphincter 
male genital tubercle +  
male inguinal canal +  
male inguinal ring +  
male paramesonephric duct +  
male preputial gland 
male reproductive gland +  
male reproductive organ +  
ovarian ligament 
testis +  

Exact Synonyms: male gubernaculum
Broad Synonyms: gubernaculum
Related Synonyms: Hunter's gubernaculum
Xrefs: BTO:0002813 ;   EMAPA:19089 ;   FMA:20421 ;   MA:0003248 ;
Definition Sources: BTO:0002813

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