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intromittent organ (UBERON:0008811)
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appendix testis 
cranial suspensory ligament 
cremaster muscle 
dartos muscle of scrotum 
duct of male reproductive system +  
efferent duct +  
ejaculatory duct +  
external male genitalia +  
female deep inguinal ring 
gubernaculum testis +  
haemolymphatic fluid-testis barrier +  
internal male genitalia +  
intromittent organ +  
An external organ of a male organism that is specialized to deliver sperm during copulation. Intromittent organs are found most often in terrestrial species, as most aquatic species fertilize their eggs externally, although there are exceptions[WP].
male accessory sex gland +  
male bulbospongiosus muscle 
male external urethral sphincter 
male genital swelling +  
male genital tubercle +  
male inguinal canal +  
male inguinal ring +  
male paramesonephric duct +  
male preputial gland 
male reproductive gland +  
male reproductive organ +  
testis +  

Narrow Synonyms: aedeagus ;   penis
Related Synonyms: copulatory organ
Xrefs: AAO:0010255 ;   FBbt:00004850 ;   HAO:0000091 ;   Intromittent:organ ;   TAO:0002036 ;   TGMA:0000585
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