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anorectum +  
cardiac stomach 
colon +  
colorectum +  
digestive tract diverticulum +  
duodenal ampulla 
duodenum +  
echinoderm pyloric cecum 
ectodermal part of digestive tract +  
endodermal part of digestive tract +  
esophagus +  
foregut +  
foregut region of duodenum +  
hindgut +  
ileum +  
intestine +  
jejunum +  
large intestine +  
lower digestive tract +  
lower esophagus +  
middle part of esophagus 
midgut +  
midgut loop 
midgut region of duodenum +  
mouth +  
periampullary region of duodenum 
pharynx +  
proximal-distal subdivision of colon +  
pyloric stomach 
The mouth of a starfish is located on the underside of the body, and opens through a short esophagus into firstly a cardiac stomach, and then, a second, pyloric stomach. Each arm also contains two pyloric caeca, long hollow tubes branching outwards from the pyloric stomach. Each pyloric caecum is lined by a series of digestive glands, which secrete digestive enzymes and absorb nutrients from the food. A short intestine runs from the upper surface of the pyloric stomach to open at an anus in the center of the upper body.
rectum +  
reticulorumen +  
small intestine +  
stomach +  
terminal part of digestive tract +  
upper digestive tract +  
upper esophagus 
zone of stomach +  

Xrefs: BTO:0002121 ;   SCTID:280119005 ;   Wikipedia:Starfish
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Starfish

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