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tendon of biceps brachii (UBERON:0008188)
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tendon +    
calcaneal tendon +  
central tendon of diaphragm 
future central tendon +  
infraspinatus tendon 
long head of biceps brachii 
pes anserinus of tibia 
short head of biceps brachii 
tendon collagen fibril 
tendon of biceps brachii 
A tendon that attaches_to a biceps brachii.
tendon of obturator internus 
tendon of palmaris longus 
tendon of quadriceps femoris 
tendon of triceps brachii 
vinculum of tendon 
vinculum tendon of wing 

Exact Synonyms: biceps brachii tendon
Related Synonyms: tendon of biceps brachii muscle
Xrefs: EMAPA:25053 ;   FMA:38152 ;   SCTID:361886007
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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