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stratified columnar epithelium (UBERON:0007602)
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dermomyotome +  
epithelial cord +  
epithelium of vagina +  
mixed stratified cuboidal and columnar epithelium 
parathyroid epithelium +  
simple columnar epithelium +  
stratified columnar epithelium +  
Stratified columnar epithelia is a rare type of epithelial tissue composed of column shaped cells arranged in multiple layers. Stratified columnar epithelia are found in the ocular conjunctiva of the eye, in parts of the pharynx and anus, the female's uterus, the male urethra and vas deferens. Also found in intralobular ducts in salivary glands.[WP].
stratified cuboidal epithelium 
stratified squamous epithelium +  
urothelium +  

Exact Synonyms: epithelium stratificatum columnare
Xrefs: FMA:45564 ;   NCIT:C33620 ;   UMLS:C0836132 ;   Wikipedia:Stratified_columnar_epithelia
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Stratified_columnar_epithelia

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