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epithelial tube +    
sac +    
anal sac +  
auditory meatus epithelium 
bladder organ +  
digestive tract diverticulum +  
endothelial tube +  
epithelial layer of duct +  
epithelial plexus +  
epithelial sac +  
An epithelial tube that is open at one end only.
epithelial tube open at both ends 
epithelium of urethra +  
future common hepatic duct +  
heart tube +  
male paramesonephric duct +  
mammary duct +  
mesonephric tubule +  
metanephric tubule +  
nephric duct +  
neural tube +  
pharyngotympanic tube epithelium 
pleuroperitoneal canal 
primitive nephron +  
renal tubule +  
secretory coil of eccrine sweat gland 
upper part of cisterna chyli 
urachus epithelium 
uriniferous tubule +  

Xrefs: AEO:0000115 ;   EHDAA2:0003115
Definition Sources: AEO:JB, UBERONREF:0000001

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