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afferent lymphatic vessel +  
appendage blood vessel +  
appendage lymph vessel +  
A lymphatic vessel that is part of a limb/fin.
caudal fin vasculature +  
central ray artery 
deep lymphatic vessel 
dura mater lymph vessel 
efferent lymphatic vessel +  
endometrial lymphatic vessel 
facial lymphatic vessel 
interray vessel 
intervessel commissure 
jugular lymphatic vessel 
limb +  
lumen of lymphatic vessel 
lymph sac of lymph heart +  
lymphatic capillary +  
lymphatic valve +  
lymphatic vessel endothelium +  
lymphatic vessel of appendix +  
lymphatic vessel of colon +  
lymphatic vessel smooth muscle +  
mesenteric lymphatic vessel 
paired fin +  
paired limb/fin cartilage +  
paired limb/fin segment +  
paired limb/fin skeleton +  
pectoral appendage +  
pectoral appendage vasculature +  
pectoral lymphatic vessel 
pelvic appendage +  
ray vein 
regenerating fin/limb +  
respiratory system lymphatic vessel +  
right lymphatic duct 
small intestine lymphatic vessel 
superficial lymphatic vessel 
thoracic duct +  

Xrefs: TAO:0005300 ;   ZFA:0005300
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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