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dermis +    
scale +    
basibranchial 2 tooth 
basibranchial 4 tooth 
basibranchial tooth 
basihyal tooth 
body external integument structure +  
body marking +  
cheek scale 
collagenous dermal stroma 
dermal bone +  
dermal condensation of feather follicle +  
dermal scale +  
Dermal bone that is thin, flexible, and platelike, and that develops in overlapping skinfolds that cover the body and often the head of fish and the bases of the fins.
dermal skeletal element +  
dermal superficial region 
dermis connective tissue +  
dermis of feather follicle 
epidermal scale +  
guard scale 
hair peg 
head external integument structure +  
limb external integument structure +  
mandibular symphyseal tooth 
Pacinian corpuscle 
papillary layer of dermis +  
pharyngobranchial 2 tooth 
pharyngobranchial 3 tooth 
reticular layer of dermis 
scale primordium 
skin crease +  
skin epidermis +  
skin flap +  
stratum compactum of dermis +  
stratum spongiosum 
tail external integument structure +  
unencapsulated tactile receptor 
upper pharyngeal 4 tooth 
upper pharyngeal 5 tooth 
upper pharyngeal tooth 

Exact Synonyms: scales
Related Synonyms: fish scale
Xrefs: AAO:0010056 ;   TAO:0000277 ;   VSAO:0000048 ;   Wikipedia:Scale_(zoology)#Fish_scales ;   ZFA:0000277
Definition Sources: TAO:curator, Wikipedia:Scale_(zoology)#Fish_scales

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