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ruminant reticulum (UBERON:0007361)
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murine forestomach 
omasum +  
rumen +  
ruminant forestomach +  
ruminant reticulum +  
The second stomach of ruminants. It lies almost in the midline in the front of the abdomen, in contact with the liver and diaphragm and communicates freely with the RUMEN via the ruminoreticular orifice. The lining of the reticulum is raised into folds forming a honeycomb pattern over the surface. (From Concise Veterinary Dictionary, 1988).

Broad Synonyms: reticulum
Xrefs: BTO:0000347 ;   MESH:D012159 ;   NCI:C98777 ;   SCTID:23703003 ;   UMLS:C0035295 ;   Wikipedia:Reticulum_(anatomy)
Definition Sources: MESH:A13.869.697, Wikipedia:Reticulum_(anatomy)

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