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pharyngeal vasculature (UBERON:0007303)
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branchial basket 
cerebellum vasculature +  
choroid plexus +  
epibranchial arborescent organ 
epibranchial organ 
gill opening 
Hatschek's diverticulum +  
heart vasculature +  
hypopharynx +  
kidney vasculature +  
lung vasculature +  
nasopharynx +  
oropharynx +  
pharyngeal bar 
pharyngeal epithelium +  
pharyngeal gland +  
pharyngeal mesoderm 
pharyngeal mucosa +  
pharyngeal opening of pharyngotympanic tube 
pharyngeal raphe 
pharyngeal slit 
pharyngeal tubercle 
pharyngeal vasculature +  
A vasculature that is part of a chordate pharynx.
pharyngobasilar fascia 
placental labyrinth vasculature +  
prostatic venous plexus 
skeletal muscle tissue of pharynx 
stria vascularis vasculature 
submucosa of pharynx +  
thyroid diverticulum +  
thyroid primordium +  
tonsillar ring +  
urinary bladder vasculature 
vaginal venous plexus 
vasculature of brain +  
vasculature of eye +  
vasculature of liver +  
vasculature of muscle organ 
vasculature of spleen 

Exact Synonyms: branchial vasculature
Xrefs: TAO:0005003 ;   ZFA:0005003
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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