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bone of free limb or fin +  
forelimb +  
hindlimb skeleton +  
paired fin skeleton +  
pectoral appendage blood vessel +  
pectoral appendage musculature +  
pectoral appendage skeleton +  
Skeletal subdivision consisting of the anterior appendicular limb skeleton, excluding the pectoral girdle.
pectoral appendage vasculature +  
pectoral fin +  
pelvic appendage cartilage tissue +  
pelvic appendage skeleton +  
pelvic fin skeleton +  
post-axial region of pectoral appendage 
pre-axial region 
skeleton of limb +  

Related Synonyms: cheiropterygium
Xrefs: VSAO:0005000
Definition Sources: VSAO:0005000, VSAO:NI

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