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mesenchyme derived from trunk neural crest (UBERON:0007214)
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conotruncal ridge 
dorsal root ganglion +  
endocardial cushion +  
iliac pre-cartilage condensation +  
intermediate mesenchyme 
intermediate mesoderm +  
ischial pre-cartilage condensation +  
lateral mesenchyme derived from mesoderm 
manubrium sternum pre-cartilage condensation +  
Meckel's cartilage pre-cartilage condensation +  
mesenchyme derived from head neural crest +  
mesenchyme derived from trunk neural crest +  
Mesenchyme that develops_from a trunk neural crest.
mesenchyme of hard palate 
mesenchyme of soft palate 
orbitosphenoid cartilage element +  
pharyngeal arch mesenchyme from neural crest +  
pubic pre-cartilage condensation +  
secondary palatal shelf mesenchyme 
sphenoid bone pre-cartilage condensation +  
sphenoid cartilage element +  
sphenoid lesser wing pre-cartilage condensation +  
sternebral bone pre-cartilage condensation +  
sympathetic ganglion +  
trunk and cervical myotome group +  
trunk paraxial mesoderm +  

Exact Synonyms: trunk mesenchyme from neural crest ;   trunk neural crest derived mesenchyme
Xrefs: EHDAA2:0002093 ;   EMAPA:16182 ;   TAO:0000999 ;   ZFA:0000999
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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