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bile duct +  
biliary ductule 
cartilaginous external acoustic tube 
cochlear duct of membranous labyrinth +  
crus commune +  
digestive tract +  
duct of bulbourethral gland 
duct of epididymis 
duct of salivary gland +  
duct of seminal vesicle 
ductus reuniens +  
efferent duct +  
The efferent ducts (or efferent ductules or ductuli efferentes) connect the rete testis with the initial section of the epididymis. The ductuli are unilaminar and composed of columnar ciliated and non-ciliated (absorptive) cells. The ciliated cells serve to stir the luminal fluids, possibly to help ensure homogeneous absorption of water from the fluid produced by the testis, which results in an increase in the concentration of luminal sperm. The epithelium is surrounded by a band of smooth muscle that helps to propel the sperm toward the epididymis.
ejaculatory duct +  
endolymphatic duct +  
endostylar duct 
epididymis +  
epithelial tube +  
excretory tube +  
feather shaft +  
hypophyseal tube 
male genital duct +  
Mullerian duct +  
nasolacrimal duct +  
oviduct +  
perilymphatic channel +  
peristaltic circulatory vessel 
prostate duct 
respiratory tube +  
saccule duct 
semicircular canal +  
semicircular duct +  
seminal fluid secreting gland +  
seminiferous tubule of testis +  
subdivision of tube +  
thyroglossal duct 
utricle duct 
utriculosaccular duct +  
vas deferens +  
ventral pancreatic duct 
vitelline duct +  

Exact Synonyms: efferent ductule ;   seminal duct
Related Synonyms: ductuli efferentes testis ;   vasa efferentia
Xrefs: AAO:0010532 ;   EMAPA:18993 ;   FMA:19081 ;   MA:0000398 ;   NCI:C32492 ;   UMLS:C0228013 ;   Wikipedia:Efferent_ducts
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Efferent_ducts

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