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autonomic nervous system +  
ciliary epithelium 
endoneurium +  
epibranchial placode +  
ganglion of peripheral nervous system +  
ganglion part of peripheral nervous system 
iris epithelium 
myoepithelium +  
nerve +  
orthokeratinized epithelium 
parakeratinized epithelium +  
sensory epithelium +  
Simple columnar epithelium made up of cells specialized to serve as sensory cells for the reception of external stimuli, as the sensory cells of the cochlea, vestibule, nasal mucosa, and tongue.
sheath of Schwann 
somatic nervous system +  

Related Synonyms: neuroepithelium
Xrefs: CALOHA:TS-0682 ;   FMA:62410 ;   SCTID:309045006
Definition Sources: BTO:0000314

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