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urinary bladder muscularis mucosa (UBERON:0006912)
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esophagogastric junction muscularis mucosa 
esophagus muscularis mucosa +  
muscularis mucosae of intestine +  
muscularis mucosae of stomach +  
urinary bladder detrusor smooth muscle 
urinary bladder muscularis mucosa +  
A thin layer of smooth muscle within the bladder lamina propria.
urinary bladder neck smooth muscle 
urinary bladder trigone smooth muscle 

Exact Synonyms: muscularis mucosa of urinary bladder
Broad Synonyms: muscularis mucosa of bladder
Xrefs: EMAPA:28619 ;   MA:0002490 ;   NCI:C32207 ;   UMLS:C1511195
Definition Sources:, NCIT:C32207

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