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vasculature of liver (UBERON:0006877)
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liver +    
biliary ductule 
capillary network of liver 
capillary system of liver 
capsule of liver 
cerebellum vasculature +  
common cardinal vein +  
dorsal aorta +  
dorsal longitudinal anastomotic vessel 
hepatic sinusoid +  
intrahepatic bile duct +  
intrahepatic branch of portal vein 
ligament of liver +  
liver blood vessel +  
liver papillary process 
liver parenchyma +  
liver reticuloendothelial system 
liver serosa 
liver stroma +  
liver subserosa 
liver trabecula 
lobe of liver +  
lung vasculature +  
metabolic zone of liver +  
parachordal vessel 
placental labyrinth vasculature +  
posterior cardinal vein +  
prostatic venous plexus 
pudendal venous plexus 
renal portal vein 
stria vascularis vasculature 
subcapsular region of liver 
supraintestinal vein 
triangular ligament of liver 
vaginal venous plexus 
vasculature of liver +  
A vasculature that is part of a liver.
vasculature of spleen 
ventral liver lobe 
vesical venous plexus 

Exact Synonyms: hepatic vasculature
Related Synonyms: hepatic vascular element ;   liver vascular element ;   liver vascular system
Xrefs: EHDAA2:0003454 ;   EMAPA:35501 ;   FMA:73748
Definition Sources: OBOL:automatic

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