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bladder organ +    
viscus +    
abdominal viscera +  
gallbladder +  
haemal node 
pancreas +  
peritoneal sac +  
retroperitoneal lymph node 
swim bladder +  
A thin membranous, sometimes alveolated sac in the dorsal portion of the abdominal cavity. Contains a varying mixture of gases, not identical to the composition of air. May be one, two or three chambered. May be connected to the gut by a tube, the ductus pneumaticus (then called physostomous) or unconnected (then called physoclistous).
thoracic cavity element +  
urinary bladder +  

Exact Synonyms: gas bladder ;   swimbladder
Related Synonyms: air bladder ;   fish maw
Alternate IDs: UBERON:0008980
Xrefs: BTO:0001607 ;   BTO:0002148 ;   EFO:0003483 ;   SCTID:64748009 ;   TAO:0000076 ;   VHOG:0000310 ;   ZFA:0000076
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