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abdominal lymph node +  
abdominal mammary gland 
abdominal viscera +  
adrenal gland +  
bursa of Fabricius +  
corpuscles of Stannius 
epigonal organ 
gastro-splenic ligament 
gastrophrenic ligament 
gubernaculum (male or female) +  
haemal node 
head kidney +  
hepatoduodenal ligament 
hepatogastric ligament 
inguinal ligament +  
interrenal gland 
Structures in fishes homologous to the cortical tissue of the mammalian adrenal gland; they are in close proximity to or imbedded in the head kidney.
kidney +  
Leydig's organ +  
lieno-renal ligament 
ligament of liver +  
liver +  
muscle of abdomen +  
periarterial lymphatic sheath 
posterior kidney 
spleen +  
supraneural body 
thymus +  
triangular ligament of liver 

Related Synonyms: interrenal ;   interrenal bodies ;   interrenal body ;   interrenal tissue
Xrefs: BTO:0000808 ;   GAID:1227 ;   MESH:D007401 ;   TAO:0001345 ;   VHOG:0001141 ;   ZFA:0001345
Definition Sources: BTO:0000808, DOI:10.1242/dev.00427

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