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epithelium of conjunctiva (UBERON:0006763)
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cervix squamous epithelium 
conjunctival papilla 
conjunctival space 
conjunctival vasculature +  
conjunctival vein 
epithelium of conjunctiva 
Layer of nonkeratinized squamous epithelium lining the conjunctiva, overlying scleral tissue.
eyelid epithelium +  
Harderian gland epithelium 
lacrimal lake 
nictitating membrane +  
non-keratinized epithelium of tongue 
pigmented layer of retina 
plica semilunaris of conjunctiva 
subdivision of conjunctiva +  

Exact Synonyms: conjunctiva epithelium ;   conjunctival epithelium
Xrefs: BTO:0005131 ;   EFO:0001916 ;   FMA:62131 ;   NCIT:C32365 ;   UMLS:C1179037 ;
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