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gastrointestinal system lamina propria +  
intestinal mucosa +  
intestine smooth muscle +  
mucosa of oropharynx 
mucosa of stomach +  
muscularis mucosa +  
A thin layer of smooth muscle found in most parts of the gastrointestinal tract, located outside the lamina propria mucosae and separating it from the submucosa[WP].
stomach smooth muscle +  

Exact Synonyms: gut muscularis ;   muscularis mucosae
Related Synonyms: lamina muscularis mucosa ;   laminar muscularis mucosa
Xrefs: BTO:0004839 ;   EMAPA:35385 ;   FMA:68413 ;   NCI:C33149 ;   SCTID:370140002 ;   UMLS:C0225357 ;   Wikipedia:Muscularis_mucosae ;   galen:MuscularisMucosae
Definition Sources: Wikipedia:Muscularis_mucosae

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