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central tendon of diaphragm (UBERON:0006670)
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arcuate ligament +  
calcaneal tendon +  
cardiac endomysium 
cardiac skeleton 
cartilage tissue of sternum +  
central tendon of diaphragm 
The three-lobed cloverleaf-shaped aponeurosis situated at the center of the diaphragm; the central tendon is fused with the fibrous pericardium that provides attachment for the muscle fibers.
chest connective tissue 
costal diaphragm 
costodiaphragmatic recess 
crus of diaphragm +  
dome of diaphragm +  
epicardial fat 
esophageal hiatus 
fibrous ring of heart +  
future central tendon +  
heart elastic tissue 
infraspinatus tendon 
larynx connective tissue +  
long head of biceps brachii 
lower respiratory tract connective tissue +  
lung connective tissue +  
mesothelium of diaphragm 
nasopharynx connective tissue 
pes anserinus of tibia 
pharyngeal raphe 
respiratory system basement membrane +  
respiratory system elastic tissue +  
respiratory system lamina propria +  
respiratory system submucosa +  
short head of biceps brachii 
skeletal muscle tissue of diaphragm 
tendon collagen fibril 
tendon of biceps brachii 
tendon of obturator internus 
tendon of palmaris longus 
tendon of quadriceps femoris 
tendon of triceps brachii 
vinculum of tendon 
vinculum tendon of wing 
xiphoid process bone 

Exact Synonyms: central tendon ;   centrum tendineum ;   centrum tendineum diaphragmatis
Xrefs: EMAPA:17702 ;   FMA:58279 ;   NCIT:C34119 ;   SCTID:244943002 ;   UMLS:C0230162 ;   VHOG:0001399 ;   Wikipedia:Central_tendon_of_diaphragm
Definition Sources: MGI:csmith, MP:0012061

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